Continuous Program


Say “Yes” to Staying Full

As long as you’re choosing foods that are part of the TajQí program, you never have to be hungry. Don’t eat less. Eat better! With TajQí, eating more can actually help you lose more weight. The foods are low in calories but high in volume.

Retrain Your Brain

Let’s face it, changing your eating habits is tough. And we live in an environment that’s filled with temptations! Healthier habits happen with repetition - continuing to stick to your plan will become your new normal.

Think Ahead

Most people have no idea what they’re going to have for dinner tonight, much less the rest of the day! Planning your meals and snacks is key to staying on track. Consider taking a break from social activities that revolve around food and drinks. Avoid your favorite fast-food restaurants or coffee shops, even if it means taking a different route.

Practice Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Remove the temptation altogether. Keep the foods that trigger you most out of sight - and out of the house - so you can’t be tempted to have “just one bite.” Veering off your plan, even just a little, is never a good idea. Once you allow one slip up, the pattern usually continues.

Start Moving

Increasing your physical activity before you even start the diet can help strengthen your commitment to losing weight. Just taking a 10-minute walk every day is a good start. Physical activity will help speed up your weight loss and can even have an immediate impact on your quality of life.

Act NOW!

Go for a walk, make a shake, eat an apple - today, not tomorrow. Do the next right thing. One excuse leads to another. Tomorrow turns into the next day. Make a plan NOW that will have you in action - it’s is the only way. The sooner you do it, the better you’ll feel.

Keep It Simple!
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